The unsuccessful writer Karel Bukovský (Norbert Lichý) is trying to write a collection of short stories that someone would finally publish for him after many years. But all his life he has lived in the shadow of a man, the famous Charles Bukowski. They have almost the same name, but also the same style of writing. But then Karel meets the mysterious Robert (Jan Dolanský), who tells him his life story, which is so incredible that Karel decides to write it. Now certainly no one will steal his fame...
Language: Czech with english subtitles
Written and directed by: Jakub Krumpoch
Producer: Kurt Neubauer (Moviefactory s.r.o.)
Director of photography: Kurt Neubauer
Co-producers: Rudolf Merkner (Orbis pictures s.r.o.), Petr Neubauer (Sounddesign.cz)
Cast: Norbert Lichý, Jan Dolanský, Lenka Vlasáková, Antonia Sainz, Jiří Kostelňák





The story of this short film began in 2014. When Jakub Krumpoch (screenplay, director) came up with the first idea to the band Penzistor, that he has the idea for a short film inspired by Ch.Bukowski's short story and that he would like a theme song for this film by Věra Špinarová. The band previously collaborated with Věra and band make a meeting between Mrs. Špinarová and Jakub. He outlined the basic story for her, and Věra later recorded for him the song with the Penzistor.

In 2017, with the help of playwright Alena Prokopova, the final version of the screenplay was written under the production of 8 heads production with Julietta Sichel. The creators applied for a contribution to the cinematography fund and the film budget was set at CZK 3,000,000. Unfortunately, the fund did not suit the creators despite the appeal and the project was stored in a drawer.

In 2019, Jakub met cinematographer and producer Kurt Neubauer, who was interested in the script and set a budget of CZK 300,000. Jakub called the previously cast actors (Norbert Lichý, Jan Dolanský, Lenka Vlasáková) and porn actress Drahomíra Jůzová alias Lady Dee if they were still interested in starring in the film. Everyone agreed, but Drahomíra was pregnant at the time and her part in movie was recast by a colleague from the industry, Antonia Sainz.

Filming began in September 2020 and ended in December of that year. It was filmed for 4 days in three cities (Jeseník, Ostrava and Prague). Post-production was completed in April 2021. During post-production, Rudolf Merkner co-produced the

film with the production Orbis pictures, which ensured the film's participation in festivals around the world.





Tomáš R.
Super film!
— ČSDF.cz
Jan Z.
Stojí za zhlédnutí.
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